Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a perfect alternative to a christening.

Many parents feel that a traditional church service is not really for them as they don’t hold religious beliefs.

Fifteen years ago my daughters naming ceremony was held under an apple tree in a friends garden, it was a beautiful spring day and for the most part, the baby coo’d happily in her pram.

It was a unique, relaxed and memorable day.

You are free to choose your own music and readings, explore the meanings behind the childs name and what that means to you, you can write your own promises to the child, you may like to include a hymn and a blessing, Its entirely your choice.

How does this work?

Although traditionally a baby is usually christened a few weeks after the birth this does not have to be the case. A child can be any age to be part of a naming ceremony. You could also hold one to celebrate step or adopted children becoming part of the family, there are no rules and the ceremony doesn’t have to follow any set pattern.

You may like to combine the ceremony with a birthday, or if you have more than one child why not celebrate and give thanks for them in a multiple ceremony, how lovely to have a joint celebration. It gives you the chance to celebrate your love and commitment to them surrounded by family and friends, in your choice of location.

If you are unsure of the term God Parents then Guide Parents is the perfect alternative, it isn’t the name that matters, its offering the important people in yours and your childs life the opportunity to pelage their love and support for you as a family.

Naming ceremonies from £250.

I have many suggestions of symbolic rituals you may like to include, a promise tree, sand pouring, lighting of candles. I can also provide a beautiful personalised certificate, a lovely keepsake for years to come. Its all about creating a memorable fun ceremony that fits you and your family.
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