Renewal of Vows

Why should we renew our marriage vows.. Why not?

It’s a fabulous way to celebrate your marriage and it can be done any time after the wedding. Commemorating those special mile stones together is incredibly symbolic and special.

It may be that you’ve been through a tough time together and you want to re commit in front of family and friends, or you want to shout from the roof tops and declare your ongoing love for one another to the world. You may have children now and you would like to repeat your vows in front of them. Why not write new vows, re affirming your commitment to one another.

Perhaps a special family member was unable to be there for your special day and it means the world to you to include them in your special ceremony.

You can re dedicate your original wedding rings, have them engraved or treat yourself to new ones. The ceremony could include a beautiful ring warming ritual where the rings are passed around and blessed by family and friends.

How does this work?

There are no legalities involved in a vow renewal so you can hold your ceremony where ever you choose.

Perhaps there is a romantic spot that that is significant to you both, your garden, by a lake, again the possibilities are endless.

Bring along the family pets (check with venue if you are opting for an indoors ceremony).

Renewal of vows ceremonies from £350.

Get your glad rags out and dress up! Treat yourself to that new frock, or bring out the wedding dress if you feel comfortable doing so. You can keep things as formal or as informal as you like.

Whatever reflects you as a couple goes.

I can help you create an intimate and personal ceremony.

You’ve come a long way together and that’s worth celebrating!